Early in my career, I applied for a job I was very excited about. After multiple rounds of interviews, the hiring manager finally called me with the good news: I got the job! During our congratulatory exchange, I also learned that this role would come with a significantly higher…
My student Jen recently went out to lunch with her coworker Andrew. Andrew was very upset — he had just learned that he wasn’t going to get promoted in…
After hours of careful planning and preparation, you finally summon up the courage to ask for more. The response? A swift and decisive no. 
Say you are in negotiation discussions with a potential employer. You present your desired salary. The employer comes back with an offer that is 70% of…
Even after conducting your negotiation prep and research, you may still find yourself left with some important questions: What should my final target…
How you position your ask can directly impact the outcome.
But how exactly do you make your wishlist of career fairy godmothers and godfathers come true? When reaching out to potential sponsors, it’s best to…
As you think about advocating for more, remember you don’t have to go it alone. 
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